Response to COVID-19

We remain open for business,

but in-person visits are by appointment only.

Hopefully, we have all come to understand that the current pandemic ought to be taken seriously.
It seems that the experts still have a great deal to learn about this specific virus and its properties. As new information unfolds, we will continue to take appropriate measures to serve clients and protect people from infection.
The courts have also taken measures to prevent the spread of disease, which will delay trial dates and frustrate the progression of court matters.
At LBK, we have taken several measures to prevent infection. Some of the precautions and protocols we have enacted are as follows:
  • We emphasize remote meetings via telephone and emails wherever possible;
  • Our outer front door is open and we unlock the inner door only for those who are attending the office for a scheduled appointment;
  • In person meetings are limited to meetings where signings are taking place, which cannot be accomplished remotely;
  • We are only accepting visits from those who have booked an appointment beforehand;
  • Each client that attends our office is screened beforehand, with regard to asking the client about symptoms of illness or recent travel;
  • Once the client arrives in the office (s)he fills out a form, as provided by AHS that inquires as to the persons status for quarantine;
  • We currently discourage handshakes, but accept other greeting, such as the elbow bump;
  • We stagger appointments to ensure that each meeting room is properly sanitized between meetings;
  • We are focusing on meeting with clients in one of our conference rooms, rather than the client meeting in lawyers’ individual offices;
  • Conference rooms, including chairs, tables, and pens, are disinfected between meetings with clients;
  • Light switches, door knobs, keyboards, and other items that are typically touched are to be disinfected frequently and after each use ideally;
  • We have increased our frequency of cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms;
  • We are maintaining the recommended distance between people;
  • We have increased stations for hand sanitizing and wipes for disinfecting;
  • We have a made an emphasis on lawyers and staff to increase frequency of hand washing;